EIT professional services

Project management is at the heart of what we do! Excellence in service delivery, is why our customers remain so loyal

We offer professional IT services to meet all needs and make sure you receive everything you require as a client of ours. We follow in-house processes to make sure we understand your needs fully and can do everything required for you.

Understanding client needs

Obtaining full requirements and customer needs is the first major step in delivering a project. The key element is to make sure that the client's needs are understood and communicated clearly to the project team. If all requirements and expectations are fully understood before any work commences, the project will get off on the right foot and will mitigate risks further down the line.


The most important aspect of a project is the planning phase, ensuring all work is completed on time and within the budget. Detailing who is responsible for each area, what is required, and when, will ensure the project runs smoothly and doesn't disrupt people's work. Everyone will know exactly what is required of them to make the project a success.

Clear communication

Clear communication is important in any job, and especially in project management. Effective communication results in team members knowing their role in the process, helping to generate success and reduce any uncertainties. We communicate effectively with you as our client during any IT project, keeping you appraised at all times, so that you have a full understanding of the progress that is being made. You can have open conversations with the people who matter in your project, like engineers and managers, so you feel a part of the project without any of the stress of running it yourself.

Managing change

Change is part of every project, regardless of how clear the initial plans are. You will have a dedicated project manager who will manage any changes within the project, anticipating difficulties ahead of time to mitigate risk.


Upon project completion, it's important for the project manager to review performance against the initial brief. What went well? What could still be improved? Through this kind of analysis, important insight can be gained into how to manage your IT requirements going forward. We hold a post-project review after delivery to see if your needs have changed and to ensure you continue to be happy.

Key features of our EIT professional services

  • Chip & PIN installations:
    We have been installing Chip & PIN payment devices since they were released in 2002. We are fully certified and help retailers deploy hardware quickly and cost effectively.
  • Physical PIN Entry Device (PED) security:
    The latest payment security standards reference physical security – we help you meet them, securing payment devices to counters to help you meet obligations.
  • Storage and logistics:
    We are one of the few European providers who are certified in point-to-point encryption, so your systems will be more secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • PCI DSS and P2PE installations:
    We are one of the few European providers who are certified in point-to-point encryption, so your systems will be more secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • EPOS upgrades and rollouts:
    As part of our rollout service, we often find ourselves upgrading or installing new point of sale and electronic point of sale systems.
  • IT procurement:
    Looking to buy new IT equipment as part of a system rollout? We can supply, deliver, configure and connect IT equipment for you.

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