P2PE Certified Installer

We are a P2PE compliant deployment partner, ready to rollout your payments devices

EIT are one of the few European providers certified to meet point-to-point encryption (P2PE) standards. This means that everything we do during storage, delivery and installation of a payment device is fully P2PE certified, helping you as a merchant to become compliant in your overall P2PE certification. We are also able to install physical PIN Entry Device (PED) security solutions, including poles or tethers to secure devices in store.

We work in close partnership with Blue Scorpion, important players in the P2PE field. They have a range of market-leading solutions, which we are adept at installing for you. You get the expertise of two, top technology companies, with one single point of interaction.

We have been installing Chip & PIN devices since they were released back in 2002, so we have plenty of experience in the field. Our methodology has evolved to support merchants fully with the growing security metrics, and by having our P2PE certification in place, we can complete a full security cycle for the merchants we work with.

Why is P2PE so important?

P2PE is an all-round type of encryption that ensures the data you process is fully protected. It works to make data that you process during a transaction completely indecipherable, so if someone were able to hack into your network, they wouldn't be able to find anything beneficial to use. This means your customers' data and your data stays fully protected, so it is an incredibly important part of the process of offering a complete security solution for payments and becoming Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

Simple Chip & PIN installations

We are fully certified Chip & PIN installers, helping retailers get their systems up and running quickly and cost effectively. We cover what is known as 'domain 1' - this refers to the handling, secure storage and deployment of payment terminals. For merchants that implement P2PE, we receive equipment from your payment service provider, offer secure delivery and full installation within your retail outlets.

Inventory is scanned into our CRM system and stored in our purpose-built, certified caged area until it is ready to be deployed.

Our PRINCE2 professional service team manage projects in our CRM system, where inventory gets assigned to each merchant. This allows us to complete a rollout schedule that will match your objectives as the merchant. You will receive full notification of equipment due dates and we will arrange installation at a time to suit your business. You can access our system whenever you need to for real-time installation information.

PED security meeting your obligations

To meet the latest payment security standards and comply with PCI DSS, you need physical security too. We can offer physical security solutions such as poles and tethers, making sure your devices are fully secure and helping you meet your obligations. All solutions are designed around your needs and our experienced team will fully consult with you.

A summary of our main P2PE services

  • Chip & PIN installations:
    We have been installing Chip & PIN payment devices since they were released in 2002. We are fully certified and help retailers deploy hardware quickly and cost effectively.
  • Physical PIN Entry Device (PED) security:
    The latest payment security standards reference physical security - we help you meet them, securing payment devices to counters to help you meet obligations.
  • Storage and logistics:
    With a purpose-built storage facility, we can securely store and deliver equipment for your business. We also have P2PE-secure facilities for the storage of payment devices.
  • PCI DSS and P2PE installations:
    We are one of the few European providers who are certified in point-to-point encryption, so your systems will be more secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • EPOS upgrades and rollouts:
    As part of our rollout service, we often find ourselves upgrading or installing new point of sale and electronic point of sale systems.

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