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At EIT we know that warehousing is far more than just pick, pack and dispatch. It is:

1. Understanding client needs

Obtaining the full requirements of the customer needs is the first major step in delivering a project. The key element is to make sure that the client’s needs are understood and communicated clearly to the Project Team. Changes can prove costly and time consuming especially when the project is already in full flow. If all requirements and expectations are fully understood before any work commences, the project will get off on the right foot and will mitigate risks further down the line.

2. Planning

The most important aspect of a project is the planning phase to ensure all work is completed on time and within the budget. Detailing who is responsible for each area, what is required and when, will make it easier for the Project Team and the customer to manage expectations, mitigate risk and make it easier for people to get on with their work, when they have a clear idea of what’s expected of them.

3. Clear communication

Clear communication is important for any job, but especially so for Project Management. Effective communication results in every team member knowing their role and what’s expected of them – helping to reduce tension and stress levels. Additionally, it’s important to communicate effectively with clients, keeping them in the loop with project progress and communicating their correspondence with relevant team members and engineers. Communication plans are an essential part for delivery as it will highlight key people responsible for each area with contact information, thus reducing ineffective communication.

4. Managing change

Change is part of every project no matter how clear the initial statement of works stated or how simple the project is. WIKI details a project as the following:

“In project management a project consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”

The Project Manager’s role is, at the beginning of the project, to anticipate any problems or potential areas for change and create plans to deal with them. During the project, our role is to use the skills and techniques mentioned in the previous four points to manage the change effectively.

5. Evaluation

Upon project completion, it’s important for the Project Manager to review performance against the initial aims of the project. What went well? What were the problem areas of the project? Was the project delivered on time and in budget? If not, what were the sticking points? Through this analysis, important insights can be gained into how the process can be improved for the next project. EIT holds a post project review at the end of each delivery to ensure that if there are any lessons learned, they are captured and learned from for future deliveries.

Key features

  • Manage the customer requirements end to end to ensure successful delivery of the solutions quoted
  • Mitigating risk from delivery
  • Detailed reports on daily activity of engineers
  • Professional inlet of communication in and out of the business
  • Prince2 management of projects
  • Building of a core team through the combination of internal and external hires
  • Creation of detailed project documentation including Statement of Works, Highlight Reports and End Project Reports
  • Obtaining of the customers’ business requirements to offer alternatives and suggestions
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Our services
  • Network Cabling
    Since our inception we have been providing network cabling services, from standard cables to complicated fibre networks or terminating! Our skilled engineers will provide the highest quality service every time backed by a 25 year warranty.
  • Electrical Services
    As with network cabling, you often find there are cost savings to deploy electrical works at the same time. We have the skills and the teams to do both.
  • WiFi Infrastructure
    WiFi is used in many environments, the equipment used is one thing, but the way that it is commissioned and installed is what provides the true value to its initial purpose.
  • Chip & PIN Installations
    We have been installing Chip & PIN payment devices since 2003 when they were released. We are fully certified installers and can help retailers deploy their hardware quickly and cost effectively.
  • Video Conferencing
    Coupled with our Audio Visual service, we can provide state of the art video conferencing solutions to reduce travel and increase productivity in your business.
  • Audio Visual
    From small board rooms through to stadiums, we can design and install a solution that meets your Audio Visual requirements.
  • CCTV & Door Entry
    CCTV and Door Entry solutions are key to the networking services we provide in our business. From security in offices thorough to shops or shopping centres, we have the skills and the design teams to deliver compliant solutions at affordable prices.
  • PCI DSS and P2PE Installations
    We are one of the few European Providers who are P2PE Certified to compliment merchants trying to achieve PCI DSS or P2PE.
  • Physical PED Security
    The latest payment security standards suggest physical security, we have the tools, the skills and the engineers to secure your payment devices to the counter for ultimate security.
  • EPOS Upgrades and Rollouts
    As part of our rollout services, we often find ourselves staging EPOS systems, upgrading them and installing new ones! From mobile POS to full EPOS systems, we have it covered.
  • Storage & Logistics
    With a purpose built storage facility we can securely store and deliver equipment for your business. We also have P2PE secure facilities for the storage of payment devices.
  • IT Procurement
    Looking to buy new IT equipment as part of a rollout into your environment? Contact us for competitive prices, we can supply, configure, deliver and connect it!
  • TV Aerial Distribution
    As a network cabling company we also provide TV Aerial solutions from office blocks right through to high street named Gyms and cables to fitness machines.
  • People Counters
    Being a rollout company into high street retailers, we are often asked to install people counting solutions to measure footfall and convert more sales on the shop floor.
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