Secure Storage and Logistics

Wondering how to cope with a new hardware deployment for your business? We are the logistics partner of choice for many high street brands

At European Information Technology, we fully understand and appreciate that warehousing is about far more than just pick, pack and dispatch. It is about calling off your stock quickly and effectively, understanding your stock levels and having easy access to everything you need, at any time. Our systems help to ensure everyone can access the information they need so you can run your organisation more smoothly.

We also understand the importance of security for you and your business. The storage of pallets and high volume stock has to be safe, secure and cost-effective. Whether you require a short or long-term storage and security solution, we will be able to help, designing the systems that will support you.

How can our systems help you?

Our secure storage and warehousing systems can help you by streamlining your processes and improving efficiencies. We conduct a variety of day-to-day operational services for our clients - here are some of the areas where we can help and support you:

  • Goods-in and put-away
  • Picking and packing
  • Replenishment
  • Carrier handling and manifest creation
  • Container handling
  • Date sensitive stock handling and secure storage
  • Stock control i.e. stock counts, returns, client liaison for goods-in, dispatching of urgent orders, trade order handling, retail replenishment and product enquiries

We are here to support you through all stages of the process, whether you need a storage system pre or post rollout. Some of our clients have temporary storage requirements, others need long term, ongoing solutions - all are capably handled by our experienced team. We have solutions for managed and unmanaged services, and we have got your business covered.

For a bespoke quote tailored to suit your company, call us and see how we can assist you.

A summary of our main Secure Storage and Logistics services

  • Chip & PIN installations:
    We have been installing Chip & PIN payment devices since they were released in 2002. We are fully certified and help retailers deploy hardware quickly and cost effectively.
  • Physical PIN Entry Device (PED) security:
    The latest payment security standards reference physical security - we help you meet them, securing payment devices to counters to help you meet obligations.
  • Storage and logistics:
    We are one of the few European providers who are certified in point-to-point encryption, so your systems will be more secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • PCI DSS and P2PE installations:
    We are one of the few European providers who are certified in point-to-point encryption, so your systems will be more secure and PCI DSS compliant.
  • EPOS upgrades and rollouts:
    As part of our rollout service, we often find ourselves upgrading or installing new point of sale and electronic point of sale systems.
  • IT procurement:
    Looking to buy new IT equipment as part of a system rollout? We can supply, deliver, configure and connect IT equipment for you.

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